Receiver Processor Unit

Receiver Processor Unit is realized using a single Receiver Processor board. The receiver Processor board contains one FPGA which will do all the logical and arithmetic operations of the system. It accepts a total of 272 TTL I/O’s from the Receivers for both bands (34 signals x 4Rx’s x 2 Bands) on 51 pin micro-D connectors. It has three Rocket I/O transceivers for sending the 128bit pulse descriptor word at a speed of 3.125Gbps to PPD boards on OFC. It accepts the controls and commands from the SCD through Ethernet, based on those commands it generates 56 control signals to receivers and RF modules. It also has one 9 pin and one 15 pin micro-D connector for receiving data from sensor, blanking modules and RF Conditioner controls. The Receiver Processor board is 242×132 mm in size and the enclosure surrounding it is 250×140 mm in size.

Specifications  Parameters and Measurements 
Techniques Generate the Serial PDW data
Interfaces SFP, Ethernet, RS232, RS422, Digital I/O’s
Connectorization Standalone and Micro D connectors
Mechanical HE30 Aluminum Yellow Chromate and ESS qualified
PCB High speed frequency 14 Layer with impedance matched